17. May 2023 – Future training cooperation between Airbus Helicopters and ADAC HEMS Academy

Airbus Helicopters and ADAC HEMS Academy have been in continuous discussions for a joint venture to create a dedicated simulation training centre.

This project speaks to both companies‘ commitment to continuously invest in enhancing safety for flight operations, as well as sustainability.

The project combines Airbus’ OEM quality standards with ADAC’s mission expertise, to bring to life a new training centre with high standards for our customers.

The joint venture creation project has been approved by the relevant bodies of both companies. It remains subject to regulatory approvals, as well as other conditions that are standard for this type of transaction.

Airbus Helicopters and ADAC HEMS Academy continue to work in the coming months towards the official creation of the joint venture and a final announcement is expected in the second semester of 2023.